get the look: Mary-Kate Olsen... again

1) Knitted Vest Dress/Topshop - £35.00
2) Sandalen/H&M - €19,90
3) Classic Retro Sunglasses/ASOS - £10.00

Be inspired again by MK's style. Get her look with the Knitted Vest Dress very similar to hers, the sandals by H&M and the Ray Ban Fake by Asos to walk through the streets as fashionable as MK does on this picture in New York City.

They have a new band up there

R.I.P. King of Pop
Legends die early

For this collage, I used the Raw Edge Scoop Tee by Topshop (£8.00).

This is the
self-made picture you can print or use in an online T-Shirt-Creator (click for the whole size):

Bittersweet Symphony

JOHN LENNON (NY PHOTO) T-Shirt/Electric T-Shirts - £12.95
Hit Record Necklace/Modcloth - $12.99
OOP Double LP Earrings/Modcloth - $12.99
Liquid silver leggings/Dorothy Perkins - £16.00
ROULETTE Lace Up Sandal/Topshop - £60.00


For all you John Lennon or Music Fans out there!
This look was inspired by this beautiful song:

Bittersweet Symphony (The Verve)

Floral Cape

1) Coral Roses Oversize Crop Tee/Topshop - £25.00

2) Soul Cal Rib Vest/Republic - £6.99
3) Blue full leg zip jean/Dorothy Perkins - £35.00
4) Faith Platform Court Shoe/ASOS - £65.00

Maybe you've already noticed that I'm
currently using some Republic clothes in my collages. It's a shop I've recently discovered which sells a lot of clothes in the style of Topshop, Dorothy Perkins etc. for a lower price. Just to give you some examples, compare these products:

Republic / Topshop
Miso Striped Dress

Republic / Dorothy Perkins

Republic / Topshop
Miso Horse Buckle Belt

If I find a real bargain, I'll tell you.


Simply White & Black

1) Loretta Tunika - weiß/Vero Moda - €39,95

2) Black dance leggings/Dorothy Perkins - £16.00
3) Sandalen/H&M - €19,90

I'm sorry for my long absence! I had problems with my internet connection and it's still not working that well, so I'm trying to fix it. Just a simple outfit for today.

Meine lange Abwesenheit tut mir leid! Meine Internetverbindung hat mir Probleme bereitet und funktioniert immer noch nicht so gut, aber ich bin dran. Für heute ein einfaches Outfit.


Summer Romance

1) Nini Kleid hellgrau/Vero Moda - €34,95
2) Grey floral leggings/Dorothy Perkins - £18.00
3) TREK- Floral Print Lace Up/Topshop - £20.00
4) Jacquard Holdall/ASOS - £27.50

it's June

1) Knitted Scoop Neck Cardigan/Topshop - £35.00
2) Miso Belted Paisley Dress/Republic - £24.99
3) Secret Garden Peep Toes in Beige/Modcloth - $49.99